Can cameras be trusted?

Search for ‘photo of a ghost’ on google and you get over a million hits.  It is sadly clear to see that most of these are fake, but this leaves us with a sad truth.  Even if you get that perfect photo of a lifetime, no one is going to believe you.  There are so many photo apps that allow you to make up your own ‘ghost’ photos and anyone with 5 minutes of photoshop training can quickly knock up a fake photo.  While digital photography means that you can check a photo for evidence straight away, it means we have lost a lot of the credibility that used to go with photographic evidence.  

The same goes for video evidence.  While slightly harder to fake, there are still plenty of apps for phones that allow you to add in whatever spook or spectre you want over your video.  

Sadly, this means that for many legitimate investigators, even if you capture the best evidence of your career, the only person who is going to be convinced is yourself.  But then does it really matter if no one believes you, as long as you know the truth.

There are options, you could always switch back to old film cameras and there are many groups that have gone back to this low tech version in an attempt to convince the world of their findings.   

As investigators, we know that we will not always be believed and there are as many skeptics out there as believers.  I guess it all comes down to whether you are happy that you believe or whether you need solid proof to claim your five minutes of fame.   

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